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Some facts about the music industry:

For every $1,000 in albums sales, the average musician makes $23.40.

It takes 4,053,110 plays on Spotify for a solo artist to make a monthly minimum wage salary of $1160.

iTunes Match pays $0.00330526797710 per stream. (I dont even…?)

I realize that when you say ‘music industry’ in can sometimes have a connotation of denoting either utter indifference or well, utter indifference.

There are a lot of causes out there that are more altruistic and humanistic in nature then an industry that can, at times, be a cesspool of dizzying pop culture - but day in and day out, I see people posting songs and talking about amazing albums and how much their favorite song or singer means to them. Music is the soundtrack to our lives. That is why I am doing this. There are so many artists who are just drowning in work and debt while trying to make the music that we all enjoy so freely (and a lot of times, just free).

In all honesty, the music industry wasn’t my first choice in things I want to do to try and help change the world - but I had an opportunity to head up a project that I believe in because I am a die hard music fan. I have been around it my whole life and have worked in this industry in other capacities. I also have seen first hand the struggles of an artist, the guitar maker, the composer, the local record store and as a fan who loves the music, never really knew what to do to help. Then I found Amplofi.

We had 23 amazing solo artists and bands donate to the cause and I would love to see their work in the hands of music lovers who also support the cause for them. We had music companies donate product and gift cards and discounts, because they saw the need. In the end, we are building a site for everyone - to make this industry easier for the people who create, produce, promote and love the music.

We are trying to give back as much as we can. Once it’s built, a large part of the revenue from the site will go back to the artist and the services and venues that support them. We are building a co-op of sorts so people involved can get the connections and services they need (career, legal, health insurance, promotional support) and as a Benefit Corporation we will be giving back to music programs in schools and aiding as many as we can. Even a percentage of the proceeds of this current campaign will be going to Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts.

I may fail, because like everyone else in this industry, I know how tough it can be - but I am going to ride this crazy wave out as long as I can. I spent almost 2 years on this and my savings and it’s not about the time and money - it was always about the hope that I can garner the support and a community of people who see the vision and the need. We built a Do It Together movement for a reason - because that is what it will take.

If you love music - and I think I would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t - check this out. Even if you can’t donate, please share. Right now we are giving items away - earbuds, MP3 players, and albums that were donated to help support this effort. Even if you won them - you can give them as holiday gifts or donate them to another worthy cause.

Either way, we just want to spread the love. And Free the Music.

Much love. xx

The Amplofi Project

Because music and the people who make it are important.

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